For anyone looking to expand their reach and communicate effectively across language barriers, Aunes Oversettelser AS offers you the ability to succeed on the international stage. For over two decades we have specialized in providing translation services for end users in Norway and the entire Nordic region, as well as supplying local expertise and translation capabilities as a third-party provider for translation agencies around the world.

In short, if you need your documents accessible to the Nordic marketplace and beyond, we can help!

Our highly trained and talented translation professionals are available to help you with any number of services:

Brochures, sales documentation & price lists:
We are at the forefront of Nordic translation agencies working in the business-to-business marketplace.

Press releases:
We both translate and copywrite press releases for the Nordic market, and can adapt the content specifically for Nordic clients and customers.

Financial reports:
Our business experts supply quarterly and annual reports into several different languages for a variety of international clients working around the world.

Contracts & legal agreements:
Our specialists will ensure that the demanding, precise language required for legal documents is translated perfectly, every time.

Technical documentation & users manuals:
At Aunes Oversettelser AS, our translators not only have specialized language training, they also have technical expertise for industry-specific translation tasks.

Web pages & advertisements:
If you want to get the word out in the Nordic region about your products and services, Nordic language advertising and promotion (on the Internet or in print) is a must!

Software translation :
Translating software for distribution in the Nordic region is one of our specialties.

Third-party translation services provider:
Aunes Oversettelser AS enjoys such a high level of respect and prestige within the translation services industry that other translation agencies often come to us for local assistance. If you are a translation agency looking for help in Norway and the Nordic region, we can accommodate you! We can offer frame agreements based on the use of preferred translation memory software, scanning and DTP services, including preparing
pages for translation and reverting files from translation software back into the original formatting, all at very competitive prices.

And many more...

Aunes Oversettelser AS can assist you with our professional translation services within a wide range of areas:

  • Electrical & computer engineering
  • Medical applications
  • Travel & leisure
  • Mechanical engineering, manufacturing & processing
  • Shipping
  • Legal





We are recognized among the elite of translation agencies in Norway and the Nordic region because we only provide mother-tongue translators to our clients – our translators ONLY translate into their mother-tongue. This commitment to excellence ensures that our clients are guaranteed the most complete, accurate, and rapid translations.

Additionally, Aunes Oversettelser AS has a worldwide network of translation professionals available, for a wide range of languages outside of the Nordic region.

In-House Translators

Aunes Oversettelser AS is staffed by a highly trained team of in-house translators, which enables us to provide a wide range of benefits to our clients. We are able to return your documents to you faster and more accurately translated, and at a price that compares favorably with the rest of the industry.

Industry-Specific Expertise

If you have technical documents or material that requires specific expertise beyond simple translation, we will provide you with a translator with knowledge specific to your requirements. Unlike discount online translation services that do not offer technically proficient translation specialists, we here at Aunes Oversettelser AS can guarantee technical expertise that matches our unrivaled translation skills.

Extensive Range Of Software Formats

We offer service and delivery in the full range of the world’s most utilized software formats, including (but not limited to):

  • Microsoft Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • PageMaker
  • Quark
  • FrameMaker
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • And of course, many more…

Personal Service

At Aunes Oversettelser AS, you can trust us to handle your material with a personal touch, and you will never be at a loss when looking for updates, feedback, or answers to questions. Your material will never be handed off between various translators or departments – you get the simple and efficient coordination that comes from one contact person and one delivery date.

Exceptionally Competitive Rates

We have a business model that is proven in ensuring that our rates are among the most competitive in the industry. Expert personnel, efficient routines, and advanced technical equipment allow us to operate amongst the elite of professional online translation services. Ask for a quote online, including total cost and delivery time, and compare for yourself!

We have been helping the Nordic region and the world communicate since 1984! Aunes Oversettelser AS: Experience You Can Trust.

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