Roger Block – Managing Director & QC Manager

Roger graduated with a Master of Science degree from the Norwegian Institute of Technology, and holds a degree in Business Management from the Norwegian School of Management. He was a manager for several multinational businesses before joining Aunes Oversettelser AS fulltime in 1998.

Together with his wife Ingeborg, who founded the company, he has expanded their operations to become one of the premier translation agencies in the Nordic region.


Ingeborg Aune Block – Translator

Ingeborg has earned University level degrees in both Education and Language Studies. Following school, she founded Aunes Oversettelser AS in 1984.

Ingeborg now has over two decades of professional experience in the translation business.


Kristian J. Momyr – Translator

Kristian graduated with a University level Bachelors Science degree in Fluid Mechanics and HVAC. Following several years of working with his professor, Kristian has spent the past fifteen years working for Aunes Oversettelser AS.

Kristian has proven very skilled at lending his educational insight and professional experience to a wide range of the most technically challenging translation tasks, and is an acclaimed specialist in both the medical and mechanical engineering fields.


Kjersti Sæle – Translator

Kjersti focused on University level English and German Language Studies for several years, and specialized in translation studies shortly thereafter. She has supplemented her studies with several years living abroad in Germany. Kjersti joined us at Aunes Oversettelser AS in 2002 as a professional translator.


Hanne Midtbø – Translator

Hanne has several years of Language Studies at the University level, and has supplemented her studies with several years living abroad in the United States. Prior to joining our company,

Hanne had several years of professional translation practice while working for a patent agency, and her wealth of expertise in the field has made her a valued member of the Aunes Oversettelser AS team. 


Are Husby – Project Coordinator & Translator

Are is the resident computer expert at Aunes Oversettelser AS, experienced with a wide range of hardware, software and all issues pertaining to information technology. Are is a specialist in applying his computer expertise to the translation services industry. After starting in the translation field independently a decade ago, Are has been a part of our team since 2003. Are manages all projects and is the contact person for our clients and suppliers.


About us

Aunes Oversettelser AS was founded in 1984, with the goal of providing end users in Norway with accurate translation services at affordable prices. Since then we have expanded our operations to include all of the Nordic region and, with the help of our worldwide network of translation professionals, a wide range of nations and languages overseas.

Based in Trondheim, long known as the technology and innovation capital of Norway, the Aunes Oversettelser AS team has grown over the years.

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